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Company Profile
Business Type Manufacturer , Supplier, Distributor & Trader
Total Turnover 1 Crore INR (Annual)
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Highly qualified workforce
  • Qualitative products
  • Latest production techniques
  • Stringent quality norms and policies
  • Excellent vendor base
  • Economic product pricing.

Year of Establishment 2006
Production Type Semi-Automatic
Monthly Production Capacity As per Client's Order
Product Range
  • Head Protection
    • Safety Helmet
  • Ear Protection
    • Ear Plug
    • Ear Muff
  • PAPR Respiratory
    • PAPR Respiratory
    • Chemical Flow Control
    • Clean Air Hoods
  • Metal Detector
    • Door Frame Metal Detector
    • Hand Held Metal Detector
    • Hand Held Metal Detector1
  • Face Protection
  • Body Protection
  • Fire Extinguisher & Hydrant Accessories
  • Speed Bump
  • Breathing Apparatus 
  • Sign Board.
In addition, we also deliver the following range of safety equipment and accessories to clients: 

Feet Protection

Xtreme Safety Shoe

Safety PU

Ankle Safety Shoe

Safety Shoes, Make-x-treme

Pvc Gumboot With Steel Toe

Fall Protection

ISI Marked Harness

Sit Harness

Tower Harness

CE Marked Harness

Fall Arrester

Fall Arrester PN 2000B

Eye Protection

Safety Goggles : Venus G-101-CHC Spectacles

Venus G103-chc Visitors Spectacles

Venus G-102-chc Spectacles

Venus G-201-chc Spectacles

Venus G-202-chc Spectacles

Venus G-401-chc Spectacles

Venus G-501-chc Chemical Splash Goggle

Hand Protection

Nitrosol Hand Gloves

Natrasol Hand Gloves

Neosol Hand Gloves

Chemsol Hand Gloves

Handsoft Hand Golves

Nitrogard Hand Gloves

Nitrogard Lite Hand Gloves

Respiratory Protection, Disposable

European Approved Respirators

Venus S V-44 FFP1 S Popular Fold Flat Style Respirator

N95 approved Respirators

Venus V-410-sl Class Ffp1 Comfort Fold Flat Respirator

Venus V-410-SLV Class FFP1 Comfort Fold Flat Respirator

Venus V-210-sl Class Ffp1 Comfort Cup Type Respirator

Venus V-420-sl Class Ffp2 Comfort Fold Flat Respirator

Venus V-414-slov Ffp2 - Class En 149:2001 Approved

Venus V-410-V FFP1 S Comfort Fold Flat Style Respirator (Valved)

Venus V-410 FFP1 S Comfort Fold Flat Style Respirator.

Venus V-300-V FFP1 S Road Master for Road Pollution.

Venus V-820-V FFP2 SL Premium large Cup Style Respirator

Respiratory Protection, Reusable

Gas Masks & Chemical filters

Venus V-800 Face-piece Respirators, V-7800 Chemical Filter

Venus V-666 Full-face Masks for Venus V-776

Airgo Series

Air Maxx

Alpha Suout & Alphamitter

Alpha Base

Motion Scout - Personal Alert Safety System

Respiratory Filters

Advantage 200 LS Half Face Peace Respirators

Advantage 3000 Respirators

Advantage 4000 Respirators

Road Safety

Safety Cones & Spring Post

Road Stud

Solar Road Stud & Delineators

Speed Breakers

Spring Post

Road Stud 3M290Series

Road Stud AK 971

Road Stud AK 982

Speed Breakers AK 1005

Speed Breakers AK 1008

Speed Breakers AK 1007

Reflective Jacket

Gas Detection

Pro Single-Gas Detector


5 Multigas Detector

Single Gas Detector

Sirius Multigas Detector

Ultima XL/XT Series Gas Monitors

Multigas Detector

Ultima XE Gas Monitor

Ultima XIRInfrared Gas Monitor

Ultima X Series Gas Monitors with X3 Technology


Head Office: F-12, First Floor, Kadamba Shopping Complex, Gamma-1, Greater Noida (G.B. Nagar), U.P. Contact No: +91-120-6451633,4293025.